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Hike and Trek in Stabia and Amalfi coast with local guide .

To enjoy the unique and stunning features, and to discover the secrets of this legendary land  don’t miss to book a one day hike tour  with a professional  guide.  You can choice different kind of walks according to your needs: from the charming path in Capri Island to the amazing Path of Gods in Amalfi coast.

The most beautiful hikes :

Roman Via Tragara and Pizzolungo walk in Capri

Total length: 4 km

Duration:  3 hours

A charming and relatively easy route covering the “symbols” of island , Via tragara and Pizzolungo walk were  an ancient greek and roman site in Capri . Along the walk you can admire the Natural Arch , a tipical erosion feature that occur in limestone, the Faraglioni rocks on the sea and the Mediterranean vegetation and stop to an enchanting viewing point on Sorrento and Amalfi coast

The Path of the gods

Total length : 11Km                                                                                               

Duration  : 3 hours

It is a mountain trail, set in a stunning natural beauty,  walking about 500m above sea level where hills and mountains  seem to plunge down directly to the sea . This land  has been shaped by man who has respected the harmony of the local natural environment . This landscape designed by man is defined by the World Heritage Committee “Cultural landscape”.

Valley of the mills and Ferriere Natural Reserve

Total length:  6 Km

Duration : 4 hour

In the earth of the village of Amalfi there is place where the time has stopped. Walking  along the stream Canneto   the ancients mills, hide in the forest,  tell  the history of a very old art :”the handmade Amalfi Paper”. In the earth of the valley there is a natural Reserve where its microclimate keeping intact  a species  of fern dates back the  Tertiary  period :the Woodwardia radicans. The environment is rich of waterfalls and springs, and represents an ecosystem of an invaluable and naturalistic value.

Faito Trek

Total length : 11Km                                                                                               

Duration  : 3 hours

Trekking on the highest top of the Lattari Mountains. The guide tour starts from the square of the cable car (funivia) . You can enjoy an amazing view of Mont Vesuvius and the whole plain of the  Nocera – Sarno.  We reach The Monte San Michele 1,444m a.s.l., better known as Mount Molare for its shape, passing by the spring “acqua santa”  , which flows, according to the legend , thanks to the sword of San Michele Archangel.

For our most demanding guests, they can receive technical sheets with more information so that they can assess whether excursions meet their needs and whether they are in line with their abilities.

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